Terms and conditions - Rent-a-car

Requirements applying to the driver
The RENTER must hold a valid driving licence, have over three years of driving experience and be at least 21 years of age.

Rental period
Minimum rental period: 24 hours;
Upon vehicle return, a 2-hour grace period is applied before a new 24-hour rental period is charged.
The weekend rate applies from 16:00 hours on Friday until 22:00 hours on Sunday.

Delivery and collection
The vehicle is provided to the driver in good technical condition fitted with all necessary equipment in conformity with the requirements of the Traffic Police Department. The RENTER can only make claims to the RENTAL COMPANY at the time of picking up the vehicle.
Should the RENTER be unable to return the vehicle at the arranged return time, the RENTAL COMPANY must be informed of the delay no later than the arranged return time.
Should the RENTER fail to return the vehicle for more than 24 hours of the end of the rental period without informing the RENTAL COMPANY thereof, this shall be treated as theft and the RENTAL COMPANY shall inform the competent authorities reserving all rights hereunder.

Rates and payment
The vehicle rental rate is determined on the basis of a one-day rental rate according to a price list constituting an inseparable part of the agreement and the rental period duration.
It is payable at the time of pick-up and issue of the delivery document. If the reservation has been made by the purchase of a voucher, payment is due at the time when the voucher is signed.
The RENTER shall pay a deposit to the amount specified in ASTRAL Transtours Ltd’s tariff. The deposit shall be refunded upon return of the vehicle in the same condition as it was received.

Damage, loss, theft, etc.
The rental vehicle has been insured by an Insurance company. In the event of damage, loss or theft of the vehicle or parts thereof, and in the event of fire or glass breakage, the RENTER must inform the RENTAL COMPANY and the insurer of the event, providing all facts, circumstances and data (witness details, etc.) related thereto and fully cooperate with the RENTAL COMPANY and insurer towards complete clarification of the accident and incurred damages.
The renter must take all measures to salvage the rental vehicle, or curtail and/or reduce the damages; to file a report on the theft or damage in the district police department operating at the location of occurrence or the traffic police authorities (KAT); and to obtain a document from the police/KAT as evidence of the incident.
In the event of a damage incurred through the RENTER’s fault which will render the vehicle unrentable for any period of time, 150 Euro shall be deducted from the RENTER’s deposit as compensation for the vehicle being temporarily unrentable.

The vehicle damage insurance shall be void when:
The vehicle is driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
The vehicle is driven on unpaved roads;
After a road accident the RENTER fails to present a traffic police report upon return of the vehicle;
There is damage on the underside of the vehicle, tyres, windows and interior surfaces;
The RENTER lends the rental vehicle to a person not explicitly authorised under the rental agreement;
The RENTER causes damage to the vehicle or any of its accessories intentionally or by negligence.

The theft insurance shall be void in the following events:
Vehicle left unlocked;;
Vehicle left with the alarm system off;
Vehicle keys left unsupervised;
Documents left in the vehicle

All damages inflicted on the vehicle in the above events shall remain at the RENTER’s expense!

Technical problems
Should a technical problems occur, the client must contact the ASTRAL Transtours team on the emergency telephones supplied in the vehicle rental agreement.
Replacement vehicle: provided only if needed.

RENTER’s obligations and responsibilities
To operate the vehicle according to its intended use and with proper care.
To check the level of oil, water, antifreeze and brake fluid.

The RENTER must not:
Use the vehicle for towing other vehicles or trailers, and participate in races, training or instruction activities, or tests;
Transport bulky, loose, etc. material;
Drive the vehicle under the effect of alcohol, drugs or sedative medication;
Permit the use of the vehicle by third parties other than those authorised by the RENTAL COMPANY.

The cost of fuel is to be borne by the RENTER;
The vehicles are supplied with a full tank and are to be returned with a full tank;
If the tank is not full upon return, the difference shall be charged at €1.50 per liter and the amount deducted from the deposit.
Driving the rental vehicle out of the country of rental: upon request only.

The rental rate includes:
Third party liability insurance, accident insurance, rent-a-car CASCO insurance limiting the RENTER’s liability, unlimited mileage, vignette, road map.
Standard equipment compliant with the requirements of the Traffic Police Department (KAT).
Snow chains (for the winter season).
Child safety seat, ski rack (if requested in advance).

The rental fee is exclusive of fines or any other penalties imposed on the driver by the control authorities for violations of the Traffic Law of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Additional conditions

ASTRAL Transtours have the right to refuse to rent a vehicle to any person who fails to meet the above requirements, and to withdraw the rental vehicle from use at any time at the RENTER’s expense if the vehicle is not used in accordance with this agreement.

The RENTAL CONDITIONS constitute an inseparable art of the vehicle rental agreement. By signing this agreement, the RENTER agrees that his/her personal data may be used towards legal and criminal liability. This agreement may only be changed by mutual consent and signature of an additional agreement in writing.